Hello! :) My name is Rolfs Vendins, I am a wedding and event photographer. I am the winner of the local contest "Best Wedding Photographer of the Year 2018", organized by the Association of Wedding Photographers of Latvia.


What is your style of photography? How do you differ from other wedding photographers?
I make documentary wedding photographs (so called photojournalism). It offers more honest moments, emotions and as little posing as possible. It means you will be free to enjoy your wedding day fully, experiencing all the unique activities and emotions, and later, looking at your wedding photos, you will be able to recall them.

How would you describe your approach to processing photographs?
The wedding photographs are processed according to the classic standards of photojournalism, to get a true and high quality illustration of the reality. A few suitable photos are converted in B&W.

How much does wedding photography cost?
To make correct calculations, I need to know the main elements:
- the wedding date;
- how many hours of photography you need;
- the location of the preparation, the ceremony and the banquet;
- number of wedding guests.

What is the end-product that we will receive?
500 to 800 processed photos in JPEG format and a wedding slide show in MP4 format, put either on a USB Flash Drive or uploaded to file share site on the internet.

Do you make wedding albums?
Yes. Additional offer includes individual photo album containing full wedding day, consecutively and artistically. For more information click here.

How long does the wedding photo processing take?
Usually I include 1-month term in the agreement, but the practice shows that most of the couples receive their photos in 2-3 weeks!

Do you take posed photos of the young couple during the wedding?
Sure! There has always been a wedding photosession at every wedding I have photographed. Do not let the fact that you are not photo models and do not know how to pose bother you! Depending on the circumstances, I will find appropriate places for the photo session and guide you through the process.

How do we reserve the date?
To make a reservation, you have to sign an agreement and make an 100 EUR advance payment in cash or by transfer. The remaining amount is to be paid at the wedding day.

Where can we see the agreement terms and conditions?
You can find the agreement here.

Can you communicate in Latvian, Russian, as well as English?
I know Latvian and Russian the best! I speak English well enough to deliver work of quality.