Hello! :) My name is Rolfs Vendins, I work as a wedding, event and christening photographer. I live in Riga, but you can meet me also in Alūksne and Dobele, and, if necessary, I can make it to any other place in Latvia. I specialize in documentary photography, which means that I take photos without interfering with the moment, instead I put emphasis on interesting, once-in-a-lifetime moments and true emotions. If you like my photographs and would like to reserve my services for your wedding day, or to inquire about service costs, feel free to contact me by phone +371 29984495 or email. The standard wedding offer includes 500 to 800 processed JPG photos and a wedding slide show with music.



How much does wedding photography cost? Weddings tend to be very different. To make correct calculations, I need to know the main elements:
- the wedding date;
- how many hours of photography you need;
- the location of the preparation, the ceremony and the banquet;
- the number of wedding guests.

Attention! Good news if you plan on getting married any time between October and April – 50% discount for full wedding day photography! Don’t miss the opportunity and make the reservation in advance! :)

What is your style of photography? How do you differ from other wedding photographers? I make documentary wedding photographs (so called photojournalism). It offers more honest moments, emotions and as little posing as possible.

Do you have professional education in photography? Yes, I do. I graduated from the Professional School of Photography in 2008 (state accredited study programme, with the length of studies – 1.5 years), acquiring the qualification “Photographer”.

How experienced in wedding photography are you? I have been taking wedding photographs for 8 years already, I have witnessed more than 150 weddings through my lens.

Will we receive all our photographs processed? All of them! I take photos with professional photo equipment in RAW format. After digital processing, you will receive all photos in JPG format in excellent quality, sharpness, tonal range, contrast and colours. All photos are colour photos, however, if you wish, I can make black-and-white copies of separate photos. You can print the photos in good quality in all types and sizes available.

How many pictures will we receive? The number of photos taken at the wedding depends on the duration of photography, wedding day schedule, number of guests and other factors, which are difficult to predict in advance. For example, if you intend on having a wedding with 50 guests and you want me to be present from the moment the bride is getting ready at around 11.00 until the cake is cut at around 00.30, I may end up with 500 to 800 photos. It is important to note that I give priority to quality, and proper documentation of the most important moments, instead of quantity, because everyone can take loads of meaningless photos. To show the wedding day in detail on the slide show or in the wedding album, all you need is 50 to 150 photos taken at the right place and time.

How long does the wedding photo processing take? Usually I include 1-month term in the agreement, but the practice shows that most of the couples receive their photos in 2-3 weeks!

What is the end-product that we will receive? 500 to 800 processed photos in JPG format and a wedding slide show with music in MP4 format, put either on a USB Flash Drive or uploaded to file share site on the internet.

Do you make wedding albums and photo books? Yes. Additional offer includes individual photo album or a photo book containing full wedding day, consecutively and artistically.

Can you guarantee smooth photography process without technical issues? What kind of equipment do you use? Almost every professional photographer has had equipment issues and damages, for example, the camera or lens won’t work due to unknown reasons, or what’s even worse – the memory card with all photos won’t open or would be corrupt. Contrary to photo taking, wedding is such a unique, unrepeatable moment of our lives that the end-product needs to be 100% perfect. I always use two professional NIKON Full Frame cameras with the highest class fixed lens (24mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4), two flashlights, spare batteries and memory cards. It is very important that both cameras have two memory card slots thus letting preserve photos taken, instantly copying them on both cards. After the session is finished, photos are put on two drives – on the computer and external drive. I do my best to ensure the best result!

How do we reserve the date? To make a reservation, you have to sign an agreement and make an advance payment, which usually amounts to EUR 100, in cash or by transfer.

How do we make the reservation, if we do not live in Latvia or we cannot get to Riga to sign the agreement? It is very simple – I prepare the agreement and send it to your email. You can then transfer the advance payment to the bank account given in the agreement. Email correspondence, agreement and your advance payment serves as the proof for your reservation.

Where can we see the agreement terms and conditions? You can find the agreement here.

Will our photos be published? I publish only a small part of my work, therefore there is only a slight chance your photos will be among them. However, if your privacy policy is non-negotiable, I offer two possibilities: 1) +EUR 150 to the total sum for wedding photography services with the condition that I retain the right to choose up to 2 of your photos for publishing; 2) +EUR 200 to the total sum for wedding photography services with the condition that I do not publish any of your wedding photos.

Do we have to meet in person before the wedding? If you want to and can, then yes. However, there have been many times when I have met the new couple only on the big day. I am communicative and open-minded, I guarantee that we will understand each other, even if we do not meet before your wedding!

Which is the best place for wedding photos? To be honest, I am one of those photographers who takes photos of what the newlyweds, best persons and organizers have planned. I try to not exceed my competences. I think that the most important thing is that the new couple likes the place, that there is no hurry, there is a bit of nature, architecture or interior, as well as good mood.

Is it mandatory to take photos of the bride getting ready? I believe it is! There are three main parts of the wedding day – preparation, the ceremony and the banquet. Depending on the tastes, you can also plan a photo session. Even better if you can put it all on the wedding album. There is no need to begin to take photos at 6 or 7 am, it is enough to document 30 to 60 minutes before the make-up is finished and the dress is put on.

Can you communicate in Latvian, Russian, as well as English? I know Latvian and Russian the best! I speak English well enough to do my job.

Do you provide your own transportation? Yes.

Do you take wedding photos everywhere in Latvia? Everywhere! Latvia is not that big to be picky!

Do you take wedding photos in other countries? If necessary – with pleasure!

Can you give advice on how to organize beautiful wedding? Invest your heart and soul! :) More on the topic – here.